I wish that I knew about these weight loss tips when I began my weight loss program.FAST WEIGHT LOSS TIPS

Obesity is a reality which can lead to so many health-related problems such as High Blood Pressure, high cholesterol level, heart problems, just to name a few. Therefore, Obesity shouldn’t be an option and Weight loss should be the ultimate goal.

Luckily, I have made extensive research and included some of my own personal routines to ensure that both men and women lose weight fast with these 10 fast weight loss tips.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into these tips.

1) Use a small plate to eat.

FAST WEIGHT LOSS TIPSCounting calories for every meal consumed could be daunting. So, I use this bowl to the left to minimize the quantity of food I eat.

I refer to this bowl as “my special bowl” because it has tremendously assisted me to keep the extra pounds off my waistline.

I have also spoken about this bowl in another post under the subheading “Keep your weight on a healthy scale.”

==> Click here to go to that post <==

2) Drink water before a meal.

I realized that drinking water before every meal reduces the quantity of food I consume.FAST WEIGHT LOSS TIPS

So, every morning when I wake up and after I have prayed, I drink a bottle of water.

Yeah yeah yeah, the ideal is a bottle of water, but to be honest, I drink 3/4 of the bottle of water. It’s a bit difficult, but I try to.

Drinking water in the morning jump starts my metabolism for the rest of the day, but drinking water before every meal reduces the quantity of food consumed. How brilliant could that be?

3) Eat only when hungry.

It is imperative to eat only when hungry because the body is signifying that it needs to replenish its energy.

But eating when you’re not hungry, only adds additional inches to your waistline.

It’s like a license to eat all the food you want provided that you STOP EATING WHEN SATISFIED.

But how do you determine when you’re satisfied? That will be explained in the next tip.

4) Stop eating when satisfied.FAST WEIGHT LOSS TIPS

Normally, your brain will tell you when to stop eating. But it could be difficult to determine when you’re satisfied in cases when an individual is stress eating (eating due to stress).

Therefore, my #1 RULE OF THUMB is to HOLD MY STOMACH IN.

What do I mean by this? When I’m eating, I hold in my stomach and if I feel some discomfort, that means I’m satisfied. But when I don’t feel any discomfort, I am still hungry. FUNNY RIGHT? BUT IT WORKS.

5) Drink natural fat burning tea after a meal.

FAST WEIGHT LOSS TIPSI found that drinking weight loss tea after a meal works best to accelerate fat burn.

I’ve been using the Hyleys Tea Slim Tea, Acai Berry for close to 3 years now and it not only improves my metabolism but also helps to maintain my desired weight.

It works as a gentle laxative, helping to cleanse the bowels thus preventing fat consumed from being absorbed into the body. There are 2 flavors; Acai Berry and Goji Berry.

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6) Always consume healthy food.

Your meals should be colorful; green, red, white yellow, orange, etc.FAST WEIGHT LOSS TIPS

Colorful food not only looks appetizing but is also nutritious.

There is this saying of mine “RAINBOW FOOD EQUALS HEALTH” which encourages me to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables even when I don’t feel like eating them.

So when I’m about to eat, my plate should look like a rainbow/ colorful, if not, then my meal isn’t healthy enough.

7) Rest When Needed.

FAST WEIGHT LOSS TIPSSome of you might be asking yourselves what rest has got to do with weight loss.

And what I say to that is EVERYTHING.

Your brain needs rest and rest is like food for the brain. Lack of rest triggers the release of a stress hormone called Cortisol which tells your body to preserve more energy (fat) to keep you awake.

In addition, lack of sleep distorts the hormone Insulin responsible for blood sugar regulation.

Insulin malfunction causes the body to poorly process fat, leading to fat storage increase in the body.

8) Take natural weight loss supplements if necessary

Should I take supplements?FAST WEIGHT LOSS TIPS

That’s the question you need to ask yourself before considering to start taking weight loss supplements.

I have explained everything you’ll need to know about weight loss supplements in another post including 11 best natural weight loss supplements available on the market today.

==> Go here to be directed to the post on natural weight loss supplements <==

9) Exercise

FAST WEIGHT LOSS TIPSI understand that most of us have busy schedules making it difficult to squeeze in exercise.

Myself included, I work from home and there is no time to exercise.


You don’t need to subscribe to any gym memberships, YOU CAN DO IT RIGHT FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOMES.

I use the 7M WORKOUT APP available on the App Store and Google Play.

The 7 Minute Workout is ideal for everyone who has busy schedules.

This app keeps a history of your weight loss so you can see your progress.

It also tracks your number of workouts and calorie burned.

10) Weight loss programs

This should be the last resort to combat weight loss because some programs could be a bit costly.

However, the weight loss program I used and the one I would recommend to anyone any day is The 1 Week Diet.

I can testify to you that THIS PROGRAM WORKS because I am living proof.

Not only did I lose 10 pounds in as little as 1 week, but it only costs $37 to begin the plan.

What amazes me most is the fact that you can get A FREE E-BOOK even if you decide not to purchase the plan.


Either way, it’s still A WIN- WIN SITUATION.

However, if you purchase the diet plan, 4 manuals (launch, fat burning, progress, and weight-loss motivator) will be provided to you.

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The 1 Week Diet

In a nutshell, weight loss shouldn’t be something one needs to think twice about doing.

Weight loss is necessary to prevent obesity-related diseases such as High Blood Pressure and heart problems.

Make use of these tips and I guarantee that you will shed some extra pounds off in the coming weeks.

Are there any tips you think I’ve left out?

Let us know in the comments below.

20 thoughts on “FAST WEIGHT LOSS TIPS

  1. The small plate idea is so true. It tricks my mind into thinking I’m eating more than I am. I’ve also found chewing gum can help. Sometimes I feel like eating even though I’m not hungry. Gum gives me something to chew on but not consume. After a few days of chewing gum instead of eating, I find the desire to eat when I’m not hungry goes away.

    1. I tried the chewing gum idea but it didn’t work for me.
      It seemed to digest my food faster making me more hungry.
      I’m glad to know that the chewing gum worked for you.

  2. I have always heard the tip to stop eating when full. Unfortunately, I have struggled to find a way to do this. I guess I eat too fast and my body has trouble catching up. Not only should I slow down I will have to try your tip of holding my stomach. It sounds promising.

    1. Eating too fast is not the problem here.
      I too eat very fast because I hate to eat cold food.
      I think the issue here is the quantity of food you eat.
      If that’s the case, then I’m suggesting the tip of “using a small plate” + the tip of “holding your stomach in“.
      If that doesn’t work for you, then you could always try slim tea, natural weight loss supplements, or the 3-week Diet Plan.

  3. I started my weight loss journey in Mid August. I do a lot of things Like drink A.C.V and recently have started the Keto diet. I will say that the small plate idea has helped me all these years. I have acute asthma where I can get sick just sitting; nothing triggers it really. And because of that, my doctors tend to pump me up with steroids! I will say this year has been one of my worse since I was younger! And because I am older, I am able to manage my eating along with losing weight. I also recommend intermittent fasting. I also calorie count; having an app that you can see helps A LOT! SO far since August (mind you I have been on steroids and VERY sick), I have lost 36 pounds. I feel like if I wasn’t sick, I would have lost more! I had lost over 90 in 2016 but gained it ALL back after the passing of my grandfather and depression! I feel like if you put your mind to it you can do anything! And if you’re like me I would also consider weight loss surgery (that is a whole other topic) I hope everyone on this journey will just try and stick to it, you will see the results and it will become addicting so do not give up!

    1. Dayanna, I totally agree with you that sticking to your weight loss regimen will guarantee some results.
      I know of some people who skip from one regimen to another complaining that they don’t work without even giving enough time to see results.
      Thanks for these additional weight loss tips.
      And I wish you success in your weight loss journey.

  4. I knew all of your steps, except for #5. I’m not a big tea drinker. Do you have other choices instead??
    I’m not big on diets either. For me, it’s more of a life change, with your eating habits and exercising. BUT I still plan on checking out that 3-week diet link, as soon as I leave this comment.
    Thank you for always giving us so useful info!

    1. I’m sorry Laura, the other choices I tried are not as effective as this slim tea.
      Besides, I can’t recommend something to you I haven’t tried myself.
      It’s just a small cup of tea after your meal. I drink mine once a day after my evening meal. Just check the instructions for more information.
      However, if you’re not too keen about the tea, then, I think the 3-week diet plan is your best option.

  5. Adopt me, daddio. I am truly in agreement with this article. It’s funny how weight loss is so simple but so hard to accomplish. The eating until satisfied is the one that is so important.


    1. Hey Lane,
      I agree with you that weight loss is so simple yet minor mistakes can throw all your efforts down the drain.
      What a pity.
      I believe that all these tips have important roles to play in one’s weight loss process.
      Because neglecting one or a couple of them can hinder your weight loss progress.
      Therefore, it is important to make use of all these tips, if you want to LOSE WEIGHT FAST or rather, MAINTAIN YOUR PRESENT WEIGHT.

    1. I agree with you that efforts to lose weight could sometimes be daunting.
      I’ve been there myself.
      That’s why I’m certain that these tips WILL WORK.
      Just put them into use.
      And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to bring it to my attention.
      I’ll always be willing to help.

    1. Yeah, a bowl/ small plate tricks my mind into believing that my food is much.
      As such, it makes me feel as if I’m overeating if I go for a second round.
      This helps me reduce the quantity of food I eat. BRILLIANT TRICK RIGHT?

  6. Great post, Pearl.
    These are all great ways to lose weight. My favorite is using a smaller plate. I’ve been doing that for a couple years now, and it works.
    I’m interested in the tea too. I’ll have to hunt that one down, lol.
    Thanks again,

    1. HAHHAHA.
      Surprisingly, everyone loves the small plate idea.
      I agree with you that my bowl has been of great assistance to me in my weight loss journey.
      Go rock that slim tea girl… whoop!

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