Best Emergency First Aid Kit.

Best Emergency First Aid Kit


Product: Pac- kit by First Aid Only.                                                                 

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon

Size and weight of kit: 9.3 inches long x 7 inches wide x 2.9 inches deep; 1 pound.

Contains: 299 supplies

Color: comes in 4 different colors.

My rating: 9.5 out of 10


Do you have kids running around the house? OR do you want to safeguard against future emergencies? The Pac-kit is the best solution for these problems.

This is because it contains medicine, antiseptics, gauze, gloves, scissors, thermometer, bandages, injury treatment, dressings, other instruments, including a first aid manual guiding you all the way. Below is a detailed description of all the supplies included in the Pac-kit.

So many supplies 😃

It has a nice and soft package that can fit anywhere at home, in the car, in the office, or anywhere else.

To crown it all, It is a great value emergency first aid kit for its price.

PROS: It has many supplies (299), it is portable, and it can fit anywhere.

CONS: The supplies are mostly “one-time use”. For instance, you cannot reuse gauze or antiseptic wipes.

In addition, some supplies will get expired if not used. This kit has a 1-2 year expiration, depending on the time of purchase and maybe during that period, you might not need it. However, when you need it, you will need to replace some expired items.

PS: Separate the stuff that has an expiration date from those that do not have expiration dates. For example, separate Ibuprofen from bandages, so that you can easily replace the expired products (organizational purposes). This ensures that all the items are not expired when a need arises.

It’s Conclusive, Pac-kit by First Aid Only is a GREAT DEAL.

There’s nothing left to say, but there’s only one thing left to do …

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 I bet you will love it. Now, before we part ways, if you have any questions about the Pac-kit or want to leave your own personal review, please leave your comments below 🙂

8 thoughts on “Best Emergency First Aid Kit.

  1. This is so awesome! I’ve been looking for an emergency kit like this for a couple years now but haven’t come across one so I’ve made my own but it is failing miserably! I’m going to get this ordered today. Thank you!

    1. I agree with you Stewart, it is the best First Aid Kit I’ve seen with 299 supplies only for the price of $16.40.
      What more could you want?
      That is why I didn’t hesitate to keep one in my medicine cabinet, so I can be ready for emergency scenarios.

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