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Hi everyone and welcome to my website (Cheap healthcare products). Healthcare has been a passion of mine since I was 8 years old.

The reason is that I took care of my sick dad whenever my mom was at school in a different state.

Even when she returned from school to spend the weekend, I still made sure that my dad took all his medications.

I had the opportunity to come in contact with many drugs, vitamins, supplements, and much more as I catered for my sick dad who had gout and hypertension.

I followed the doctor’s orders administering the drugs through the right route and right time as well as avoiding foods and drinks which should not be administered with the drugs.

I set up an alarm clock on my phone to remind him to take his medications.

I even brought a glass of water with the drugs and watched him, just to make sure he swallowed them.

Since the tender age of 8, I have been accustomed to handling healthcare products to the extent that I know many cheap products which could help other families like mine save more.

That is why I decided to give back to my community by posting lists of cheap healthcare products.

A Little background History About Me.

As time went on, I became more and more interested in healthcare.😄

I’m guessing that you think I became a straight A’s Science student right? To my greatest dismay, I excelled more in Arts courses.

As a result of that, my dad decided that I would become a Lawyer, without even asking me what I wanted.

High School was a horror for me as I was taking classes I had no interest in.

In the university, together with the help of my mom, I enrolled in a nursing School without the knowledge of my dad… HAHAHA.

It was a little scary and fun at the same time because I didn’t know what the outcome will be.

When my mom eventually let him in on what was happening, of course he was mad, but he should have asked me what I wanted to become in life instead of imposing on me.

My life at the nursing school was excellent, but my stay was cut short by… “drum roll” … my dad again, you guessed right.

This time around, he wanted me to be a Medical doctor due to my straight A’s at school.

However, I was more interested in becoming a Pharmacist… LOL, but he had no idea.

I became a Pharmacy technician in 2016, but I’m still in the process of becoming a Pharmacist (my dream career).


What Is About To Come.

All through the years, I catered for my dad, I got accustomed to buying expensive as well as cheap healthcare products.

Of course, I wanted to save more. This led me to the search for “CHEAP HEALTHCARE” products, thus my website’s name.

As time went on, I had gathered a good amount of valuable information on cheap healthcare products, and I didn’t want my knowledge to go to waste.

As a result of this, I decided to look for an outlet (my website) where I will post articles on “CHEAP HEALTHCARE” products.

It’s Never Too Late To Start Saving.

Do you want to regret not using this list made available to you at no cost?

Do you want to go ahead with spending money that you would have used to purchase gifts for your loved ones?

If not, go right now and make some savings.

Good luck in your search for those deals,




14 thoughts on “About Pearl

  1. Hi Pearl, thank you for being the child every parent hopes for. Since we can all benefit from saving a little your cheap healthcare will be most useful. Please continue to be a blessing to your community.

  2. Pearl,
    Having cheap products does not always mean that they are less likely to work. I will look at some of your articles as I am a older person on a fixed income. I do take several medications daily to help with some minor issues.
    Thanks for making this information available.

    1. Hey John,
      I 100% agree with you that “cheap products does not always mean that they are less likely to work”.
      I mean, the whole reason I created this website is to help families save by providing cheap product alternatives to expensive ones.
      However, when you’re done looking at the other articles, please don’t hesitate to ask any questions and I hope you find them helpful.
      If you want to find out more about a specific product that I haven’t posted any article about, suggestions are welcome by email or a reply to this comment.

    1. Thanks Mandi, i’m glad to be a blessing to others.
      I’m happy to know that my aim of giving back to the community through my website is working.
      I pray that I can help more people in the future.

  3. I love your story, Pearl, and I love even more that you kept following your passion – no matter what your Dad tried to impose on you. AND I think it’s awesome that you’re using that passion to help others! Win-win! 🙂

    I can’t wait to take a look at your site and see what kind of healthcare products are good. I’m always needing something, and I never really think about comparing things to see what’s better for a better price. So glad I ran across your site!

    1. Thanks Christina, I don’t really don’t know why some parents force their kids to pursue what they have no passion in doing.
      Although my dad and I are estranged because I didn’t heed his advice, with the help of my mom, I was able to pursue my dreams.
      I’m glad you found my site because I post articles every week regarding cheap and effective health care products, with the aim of helping families save.
      Take your time, look around. If you find anything that interests you, go for it, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me through email, comment or social media.

  4. Hi Pearl,
    I really appreciate you commenting on one of my posts earlier and I’ve had a good look around your blog. Health Care is a real serious concern worldwide, and there should be no reason a person who needs it cannot afford to buy. Your blog will be valuable to those people. Keep up the good work.


    1. My family faced a lot of financial difficulties when my dad was just diagnosed with gout, Hypertension and diabetes.
      As time progressed, I started looking for ways to save money while my dad still received the health care he needed.
      I know many other families are going through the same rough patch we threaded.
      And with all the knowledge about CHEAP HEALTH CARE PRODUCTS I’ve gathered all these years, I had an idea to help other families save.
      That’s what prompted me to start blogging.
      Thanks for the encouragement. I’ll “keep up the good work”.

  5. Hi Pearl, I really like what you are doing with your blog, so keep that up and keep bringing quality info that can help people. I know you are a very caring and compassionate person. Thanks for your comments too on my article.

    1. Thanks Terry for the encouragement even though I didn’t receive some from my dad.
      It really means a lot to me.
      I will keep writing articles every week to help more people save.
      I’m always open to suggestions, so please don’t hesitate to say what’s on your mind.

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