1 week diet lose 10 pounds



Product: 1 Week Diet

Price: $37.

The Cheapest place to buy: 1weekdiet.com.

Contains: 4 handbooks

My rating: 9.5 out of 10



When I decided it was time to achieve my desired weight, as expected, I The 1 Week Dietdid some research and the best two programs which existed were the Flat Belly Fix and the 1Week Diet (1WD


At that time, I was confused about which program to proceed with because both were very popular.

However, I decided to go with the 1week diet program mainly because I love reading. The diet plan has 4 handbooks (launch, fat burning, progress, and weight-loss motivator) which will be provided to you upon purchase ($37).

However, a free e-book will be given to you regardless of whether you want to purchase the program or not.







In another post, I mentioned that I lost 10 POUNDS IN 1 WEEK and I managed to keep it off till date because of the 1WD.


==> Click here to see that post <==


Unlike no other program, the 1WD includes a section which explains what to do to keep off the weight after the program has ended.

However, if you failed to keep off the weight after the program has ended, NO WORRIES, all you need to do is to restart the program until you have achieved your desired weight.



This program is easy to read and understand, can be done from the comfort of your home, and has a 60-day money back guarantee.


There are no videos, extra supplements are recommended, and workout equipment such as weights are required.1 WEEK DIET LOSE 10 POUNDS

However, this is not a big deal because I still lost weight successfully without them.

For instance, I love reading so it didn’t really bother me that there was no video.

In addition, although the supplements are recommended, I didn’t purchase them.

As for the weights, I used my laundry detergent and Clorox bleach. YEAH, YOU READ IT RIGHT.

1 WEEK DIET LOSE 10 POUNDSWhat happened was that when I began the program, I didn’t have all the required equipment, SO I HAD TO IMPROVISE.

As time passed, I asked my brother to purchase some weights for me from Walmart, but they were 35 POUNDS EACH (PRETTY HEAVY FOR ME).



Your journey will not be an easy one, so expect some stumbles on the road and by stumbles, I mean THE TEMPTATION TO EAT IN BETWEEN MEALS.

So, when that temptation arises, what I do is to drink plenty of water and keep myself busy. I realized that keeping myself busy will always keep my mind off food. Sometimes, I even forget that I haven’t eaten… SERIOUSLY?

I guarantee that if you stick to this plan, YOU WILL ACHIEVE RESULTS BY THE END OF 7 DAYS.


It’s Conclusive, The 1 Week Diet Plan Works.


What are you waiting for?


But before you do that, you need to make up your mind to commit to it because you may not see results if you don’t strictly follow the guidelines.


The 1 Week Diet

TIP: Try as much as possible not to weigh yourself every single day during the program as you may become frustrated.

Instead, SURPRISE YOURSELF by taking your weight before you began the program and after you finished the program. I bet you, the difference will be as clear as daylight.

Have you tried the 1WD program before? If yes, did you achieve your desired weight?


Do you know of any effective weight loss programs other than the 1WD program?

Please let us know in the comments section below.






18 thoughts on “1 WEEK DIET LOSE 10 POUNDS

  1. Hey Pearl, thanks for this detailed review. Change is never easy, and sticking to a plan needs a lot of discipline. However, if you have the right tools it is for sure more doable. The 1 week diet seems to be very promising, especially since you lost weight with it too. Do they have as well a plan for vegetarians/vegans or is it for a normal diet only?

    1. Hey Nathalie,
      First of all, I’ll like to start by saying that there is no normal or abnormal diet.
      Being a vegetarian is something to be proud of because not everyone can achieve it.
      Regarding the 1 week diet plan, animal products are part of it, but you could always substitute it with whatever you’re comfortable eating.
      Good luck on your journey with keeping off those extra pounds:)

  2. I like the idea of getting a free e-book. Books are nice, haha. I also love reading. I like that this program has reading material because that makes it easier to go back and check information. That’s not as easy to do with videos. You often have to rewatch the whole thing instead of picking out the one piece of info you want like you can with a book.

    1. I cannot agree with you more Nicole.
      Going back to check for information with an E-book is 100% easier than videos.
      You can highlight and make notes for the information you want to later revisit; something which is impossible to do with videos.
      I thought I was the only one who felt this way.
      I’m glad I’m not alone 🙂

  3. Hi, Pearl! Thank you for sharing your experience with this program! It was explained very clearly so people who are looking for a way to lose weight will understand it. It is a great review!
    I never really tried to lose weight even if I had a little bit more weight than I should. When I decide to avoid sugar and wheat as much as possible, because I wanted to be healthier, I lose these little extra pounds that I had. I never tried the 1WD or other programs before.
    Thanks for this detailed review! Best of luck to you!

    1. You’re welcome, Linda.
      Dieting requires commitment and something/somebody to guide you especially when you’re finding difficulties sticking to your healthy routine.
      Apart from losing weight, the main reason for diets is to make you accustomed to living a healthy lifestyle.
      I advise that you begin the 1 WEEK DIET or any weight loss diet so you can maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as your weight.
      Best of Luck to you too.

  4. Thanks for this article with the pros and cons list. If you don’t mind explaining it to me, how is this one different from the rest? There are so many books explaining how to lose weight or detox easily. Why should I invest in this one?

    1. Thanks, Lane. I love answering these kinds of interesting questions.
      You ask how this plan is different from the rest?
      My review says it all. Unlike no other program, the 1WD includes a section which explains what to do to keep off the weight after the program has ended.
      Besides, that is why a free E-book is offered, so you can have a sneak peek into the program.
      Then, if you don’t like what you’re seeing, you don’t purchase the plan and even if you’ve already purchased the program, there is always a 60-day money back guarantee.

  5. Hi Pearl,

    I’m happy you were able to lose weight. I cave with every diet I have tried, that I’ve just given up. I work out and just make my portions smaller. But I still fall prey to sweets. I am a true junk food junkie.

    BUT since you lost weight, and I have most of the cons equipment, I am curious to check it out.

    IF by chance I do give it a try I’ll let you know. But don’t hold your breath, K?

    And thank you for this info, def worth the read!!

    1. HAHAAHHA, you’re quite funny Laura.
      Sure I won’t hold my breath.
      Take your time to make your decision.
      If you have any questions, don’t hesitate.
      I’ll be right here whenever you need me.

  6. Hi Pearl,
    This diet sounds very do-able, but I signed up for the ebook to check it out first, lol. It’s nice to know someone who’s done it and succeeded. There are so many diet plans out there, but it’s hard to trust the testimonials. You, I believe!

    1. Awwww, it’s very touching to learn that you trust me.
      I guess testing before recommending has finally paid off.
      Thanks for checking out the 1WD E-book.
      If you have any questions, just shoot.

  7. This is a really helpful review and I like that you improvised instead of buying the recommended products. Is the 1-week diet very restrictive in terms of eating patterns? Can you sustain it long term?

    1. Yes, I improvised in order to save more.
      No, the 1WD isn’t restrictive.
      And yes you can sustain this program long term.
      The 1WD includes a section which explains what to do to keep off the weight after the program has ended. So, it’s definitely a long-term program.

  8. Okay, I would love to lose 10 pounds in a week! I am definitely going to read the ebook and see what this is all about. This would sure kick start my diet, that is for sure. Can you tell me if the diet plan was too hard to follow? I can improvise too I am sure as I don’t have any exercise equipment here at my house. Thanks for getting me excited about a diet!

    1. Many people don’t want to diet but they expect to shed some pounds; I wonder how they’re gonna pull off that magic.
      I’m happy to know that you’re happy to start dieting.
      Regarding your question, the 1 WEEK DIET PLAN was challenging in the beginning as my lifestyle was being changed, but in the end, it wasn’t hard to follow.
      The secret to dieting is CONSISTENCY.
      Stick to the instructions and you’ll just be fine 🙂

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